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Raku Vase

Betsy Cox has always worked with her hands. By day she worked as a physical therapy assistant helping people heal at Reynolds Memorial Hospital in Glen Dale, WV. Evenings and weekends she threw pots and she’s kept at it for 28 years. Today she owns Echo Valley Pottery and is one of West Virginia’s elite ceramic artists. Three of her pieces are in the West Virginia Museum permanent collection in Charleston next door to the Capitol building. She is a

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Recently, while testing CerPrint Blue and CerPrint Black toners, I wanted to see how high I could fire before the temperature affected the two pigments. Using our High Fire Lamination paper, I printed and laminated one black and one blue decal sheet and applied the decals to regular 4×4 porcelain tiles. I fired to 1825 degrees Fahrenheit–or around Cone 06–using the normal firing schedule. The black toner performed as I expected, resulting in a grayed out image. However, the blue

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Penn State tile mural installation at Corl St. Elementary

by Shannon Goff, associate professor of Art, Pennsylvania State University Editor’s Note: Shannon Goff and students completed a mural for Corl St. Elementary using CerPrint and 12 x 24 tiles bought at a home supply store. Shannon earned her BFA from University of Michigan and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Back to school will look a little different this year at Corl St. Elementary. I’m happy to share that after four wild years of proposals, planning, pandemic, patience,

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