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Recently, while testing CerPrint Blue and CerPrint Black toners, I wanted to see how high I could fire before the temperature affected the two pigments. Using our High Fire Lamination paper, I printed and laminated one black and one blue decal sheet and applied the decals to regular 4×4 porcelain tiles. I fired to 1825 degrees Fahrenheit–or around Cone 06–using the normal firing schedule. The black toner performed as I expected, resulting in a grayed out image. However, the blue

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by Rob Hullar Just when I thought we had solved the problems we had been having with our One-Step High Fire Decal Paper, Murphy showed his face again. I’ve previously written about the quality challenges we had been experiencing with the one-step paper and my decision to move everyone to the lamination method. I backed off of that position after had continuing good luck with the new one-step paper. Sadly, we are back to recommending the lamination method. For those

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