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Hi there! We’ve been getting a lot of email and social media messages on three topics. Under glaze or over glaze? Best firing temperatures? And would we sell ceramic decals?

Courtesy of Roberto Lugo, [email protected]

Under glaze or over glaze?
Artists who use iron oxide decals are accustomed to adding them either over or under glaze. CerPrint decals are typically used over a fired glaze surface, but we have had some users who have used them under glaze with success. We have not tested CerPrint decals with in-glaze or underglaze because the temperatures might be too hot and could change the color of the decal. We can send you a sample decal to test.

Firing temperatures?
Each CerPrint paper description lists the recommended firing temperatures and recommended firing schedules are listed in the user manual. Click the additional information tab for recommended firing schedules. Please refer to one of the pyrometric charts for cone equivalencies.

Would we sell decals?
We don’t print and sell ceramic decals. We engineer and sell ceramic decal printers and toners. Studio potters, schools and universities have found CerPrint ceramic decal printers to be affordable and durable. You can design and make your own decals using online art sources and digital software like Adobe Creative Suite. Ordering and information at

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