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by Rob Hullar Just when I thought we had solved the problems we had been having with our One-Step High Fire Decal Paper, Murphy showed his face again. I’ve previously written about the quality challenges we had been experiencing with the one-step paper and my decision to move everyone to the lamination method. I backed off of that position after had continuing good luck with the new one-step paper. Sadly, we are back to recommending the lamination method. For those

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Rebecca Prowse, a potter and maker based in Indianapolis, IN, broadened Gravesco Pottery’s scope by adding two CerPrint digital ceramic decal printers to her workshop. She introduced herself on her website this way. “I am a mold breaker whose work is driven by intentional choices, client partnerships, and a love of design that truly functions. In addition to offering a full line of functional ceramics, I love to collaborate with other businesses to create statement pottery that elevates their brand.”

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