Tired of sepia decals? The NEW 3710 ceramic decal printer comes in True Black, True Blue or both! Fire up your economy. New lower price.

Design and fire crisp ceramic decals using specially engineered ceramic decal printers, fluxed decal papers or lamination, and one-of-a-kind ceramic toners developed by Rosetta Technologies. CerPrint ceramic decal printers also produce full-spectrum grayscale and lighter blue.

$695 Black
$695 Blue

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CerPrint Fire by Design

true black and true blue at an affordable price

CerPrint offers high resolution control, food safe results and flexibility at an
affordable price point below other ceramic decal printers.



Priced for studio potters, schools and universities—especially for artists using digital tools to enhance their ceramic art.

True Black, Blue

Tired of sepia images from ceramic decals? CerPrint fires to true black or true blue. They produce the only deep color prints after firing on the market today.

Core Features of
CerPrint Ceramic Decal Printers

CerPrint offers high resolution control, food safe results and flexibility at an affordable price point below other ceramic decal printers.

Stunning Flexibility

CerPrint True Black and True Blue decals can be fired, layered and re-fired from 1200 to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit because these ceramic decals fire clear where there isn’t toner.

Food Safe

Perfect for high end boutique tea sets and dinnerware as well as display art and promotional sales items.

Crisp Images

Use purchased images or design your own using any creative software to make 1200x1200 dpi image. Print to the CerPrint 3710 True Black or True Blue ceramic decal waterslide media or lamination decal media.

The only true black print after firing on the market!

CerPrint fires to true black. It’s the only true black print after firing on the market. Our new True Blue ceramic decal printer gives you even more options.

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Helpful Videos

Check out our blog for helpful hands-on how-to videos.

Justin Rothshank

NEW CerPrint NCECA Artist Showcase with decal guru Justin Rothshank. He shows us his Indiana studio and gives us a lengthy CerPrint layering tutorial. (1 hr.)

Lisa Rogers

NEW Lisa Rogers CerPrint NAEA Artist Showcase. Lisa shares how she uses CerPrint decals and how she layers them to create useful decorative works of art. (3 min.)

Lamination Method How-to

How-to use the lamination method to transfer your own art or purchased art into ceramic decals. (3 min.)

1-step Decal Paper How-to

How to use the 1-step decal paper to transfer your own art or purchased art into ceramic decals. (3 min.)

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CerPrint ceramic printers produce black and delft blue

ceramic decals for almost any ceramic substrate –

glazed, unglazed, glossy and matte.

Yes. CerPrint engineered the new CerPrint 3710 giving studio potters and students access to affordable True Black and True Blue decals. Buy a 3710 with both the Black and Blue toners to truly expand your tool kit. You may also choose to use a lamination process.

We offer a standing 10 percent discount for schools and universities. We accept purchase orders and most major credit cards.

Laser printers aren’t originally designed to print decals. CerPrint electrophotographic engineers set-up the CerPrint ceramic decal printers as a system. The printers run fluxed, unfluxed or donor paper lamination decal sheets without damage or jamming. The 3710 toners are also specifically engineered to run on the specified CerPrint system printer without damaging the printer. All CerPrint systems produce high resolution images that beautifully adhere and fire to ceramic, glass or enamel work.

(800) 937-4224 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m – 5 p.m. EST

Yes! We can send sample decals created with True Black and True Blue for you to try on your own pieces. You may upload a PNG, TIFF, JPEG, EPS, or PSD in the contact us form and we’ll send you a trial sample decal in the color you choose.

In our tests, one CerPrint toner cartridge prints 500 ceramic decal sheets at 35 percent coverage on 8.5 x 11-inch sheets.

Absolutely! Complete the short form at the bottom of this page and upload a high resolution photo of your work–at least 300 dpi, please. Please let us know how we can reach you and how you would like us to give you credit and/or link to your studio website in return for posting your work.

CerPrint is a trademark of Rosetta Technologies Inc. based in Tampa, FL. Our mailing address is:

5912 Breckenridge Pkwy, Ste B
Tampa, FL 33610

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Drop us a line about your project or ask a question. You may also upload a photo of work created using CerPrint's ceramic decal printers, toners and decals. Please share your creative story if you’d like us to consider posting it to the CerPrint Gallery or Blog. You may also request sample decals to test our products. Attachment file types less than 10 MB: PNG, TIFF, JPEG, EPS, and PSD.

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    Waterslide decals adhere to and fire well on any ceramic substrate -
    glazed, unglazed, glossy or matte.

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