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Our friend and CerPrint decal printer user Tom Edwards is giving away a CerPrint decal printing system during his “Copyright 101” presentation TOMORROW during NCECA “Fertile Ground” in Sacramento! Mar. 17, 4:15 p.m., Ballroom B, Rms. 5 & 7. Be present to win! He’s also been interviewed recently by Paul Blais, host of “The Potter’s Cast.” Here’s a link to the podcast where Tom talks about using decals, avoiding copyright pitfalls, shitcoin and CerPrint.

Tom Edwards NCECA Lecture Magic Mug

Have you heard the one about the cartoon-drawing ceramic artist who sued Elon Musk for copyright infringement? It’s not an urban legend. It’s real. Here’s the backstory and how Tom Edwards is helping other potters avoid copyright infringement. “I took a ceramics class in high school because my guidance counselor suggested it and fell in love that first week. I kept it up as a hobby through college. I graduated with a history major—few jobs–and decided I’d run away and

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Using ceramic decals-Ultra Mug with CerPrint True Black decals created by Liz Colyar.

Liz Colyar’s Ultra Cups Using ceramic decals from her CerPrint printer, Liz Colyar mugged us with one of her Ultra Cups. The CIA’s mind control LSD experiments run in the 1950s and early ‘60s inspired this cup series. Liz creates her mugs using InDesign and computer clipart she prints using CerPrint Black. “I’ve even used ceramic decals making my own Satanic Coexist mugs for fun. There’s a big punk scene here in Philly that loves them,” said the Philadelphia University

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Roberto Lugo ceramic art

See our friend and CerPrint user, Roberto Lugo, on “PBS News Hour CANVAS” and on “CBS Sunday Morning.” We’ve collected select quotes from the interviews plus links to the full features. Another link opens a window to Lugo’s upcoming show at The Met. Roberto Lugo incorporates ceramic decals from the CerPrint ceramic decal printer in his work. “PBS News Hour CANVAS”How artist Roberto Lugo is upending porcelain traditions with his personal, cultural roots explains his exhibit at the Currier

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Cat Mugshot

Our friend Mariko Paterson posted this fun mugshot by Jack Watteau and we had to share. We’d love for you to share your most creative mugshots made with your CerPrint ceramic decal printer. We’ve made it easy to upload photos of your work using our online form at the bottom of the home page. We may share your photos in our blog, on a social media channel and post them to our gallery. We always credit the artist and will

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Rebecca Prowse, a potter and maker based in Indianapolis, IN, broadened Gravesco Pottery’s scope by adding two CerPrint digital ceramic decal printers to her workshop. She introduced herself on her website this way. “I am a mold breaker whose work is driven by intentional choices, client partnerships, and a love of design that truly functions. In addition to offering a full line of functional ceramics, I love to collaborate with other businesses to create statement pottery that elevates their brand.”

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by Shea Kister As an undergraduate at the University of South Dakota, I was exposed to sepia decals as a way to add my photographs to my ceramics. They didn’t do it for me. I wasn’t really jamming with the brown shades. When I came to graduate school at Kansas State University, I leaned I could re-fire a pot as many times as I want. It was kind of an “oh duh” moment. I’ve been experimenting with more layers and

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