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Raku Vase

Betsy Cox has always worked with her hands. By day she worked as a physical therapy assistant helping people heal at Reynolds Memorial Hospital in Glen Dale, WV. Evenings and weekends she threw pots and she’s kept at it for 28 years. Today she owns Echo Valley Pottery and is one of West Virginia’s elite ceramic artists. Three of her pieces are in the West Virginia Museum permanent collection in Charleston next door to the Capitol building. She is a

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Kip O’Krongly mugged us with utility jars perfect for these final six weeks of winter. Thanks for the pics and sharing your experience with the CerPrint ceramic decal printer. Kip upgraded to the Akiles Pro Lam 330 laminator to use with his CerPrint ceramic decal printer in early 2022 and began incorporating more decals into her work. Kip’s tests show a more prominent edge to the decal if she cuts the decals using a Silhouette machine and applies them directly.

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20-inch woodfired jug courtesy of the Clatsop County Historical Society.

“Civilian Exclusion Order No. 74” arrived through our website and we wanted to know more. The piece crafted by Randy McClelland is a 20-inch woodfired jug finished with a CerPrint Blue decal image courtesy of the Clatsop County Historical Society. The jug displays, “a copy of the civilian exclusion order no. 74 that included Clatsop County, where I currently reside. If this were to happen again today, I would be packing up a bag and reporting to 599 Duane St

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Penn State tile mural installation at Corl St. Elementary

by Shannon Goff, associate professor of Art, Pennsylvania State University Editor’s Note: Shannon Goff and students completed a mural for Corl St. Elementary using CerPrint and 12 x 24 tiles bought at a home supply store. Shannon earned her BFA from University of Michigan and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Back to school will look a little different this year at Corl St. Elementary. I’m happy to share that after four wild years of proposals, planning, pandemic, patience,

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Our friend and CerPrint decal printer user Tom Edwards is giving away a CerPrint decal printing system during his “Copyright 101” presentation TOMORROW during NCECA “Fertile Ground” in Sacramento! Mar. 17, 4:15 p.m., Ballroom B, Rms. 5 & 7. Be present to win! He’s also been interviewed recently by Paul Blais, host of “The Potter’s Cast.” Here’s a link to the podcast where Tom talks about using decals, avoiding copyright pitfalls, shitcoin and CerPrint.