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Recently, while testing CerPrint Blue and CerPrint Black toners, I wanted to see how high I could fire before the temperature affected the two pigments. Using our High Fire Lamination paper, I printed and laminated one black and one blue decal sheet and applied the decals to regular 4×4 porcelain tiles. I fired to 1825 degrees Fahrenheit–or around Cone 06–using the normal firing schedule. The black toner performed as I expected, resulting in a grayed out image. However, the blue

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Kip O’Krongly mugged us with utility jars perfect for these final six weeks of winter. Thanks for the pics and sharing your experience with the CerPrint ceramic decal printer. Kip upgraded to the Akiles Pro Lam 330 laminator to use with his CerPrint ceramic decal printer in early 2022 and began incorporating more decals into her work. Kip’s tests show a more prominent edge to the decal if she cuts the decals using a Silhouette machine and applies them directly.

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