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20-inch woodfired jug courtesy of the Clatsop County Historical Society.

“Civilian Exclusion Order No. 74” arrived through our website and we wanted to know more. The piece crafted by Randy McClelland is a 20-inch woodfired jug finished with a CerPrint Blue decal image courtesy of the Clatsop County Historical Society.

The jug displays, “a copy of the civilian exclusion order no. 74 that included Clatsop County, where I currently reside. If this were to happen again today, I would be packing up a bag and reporting to 599 Duane St with only what I can carry, as I am an American with Japanese ancestry. I made this piece to help continue to bring awareness to what happened to the 120,000 plus Americans of Japanese ancestry as a result of (Franklin Delano) Roosevelt’s executive order 9066 which forcibly removed them from their homes.
“I fired this piece in the spring anagama for over 100 hours here in Astoria,Oregon. Then it was refired in my electric kiln with the applied decal. I love working with the CerPrint True Blue printer. It has brought a lot of opportunities for me to collaborate with others–like the historical society–and bring a true interdisciplinary approach toward making ceramic art,” McClelland said.

It’s a beautiful and thought-provoking piece. We’re honored to share it in the CerPrint Gallery. Randy’s work is on Instagram @hafupotter. Several CerPrint Blue pieces there, too.

"Sayonara," electric-fired stoneware butter churn with dasher and lid
“Sayonara,” electric-fired stoneware butter churn with dasher and lid by Randy McClelland. See our blog for his take on this and his other works.

Check out Randy’s electric-fired stoneware butter churn titled “Sayonara” in the gallery. The dasher didn’t fit in the lightbox for the photo. This piece and about a dozen others are featured in his solo exhibition called “Interdisciplinarity” at the Riversea Gallery in Astoria, Oregon this month.

“I have been primarily a wood fire potter for the last 23 years. This is the first time ever I have done a show with no wood fired pottery. The entire exhibition will be overglaze decals from CerPrint technology. Having a blast making these,” he said.

Randy McClelland, Riversea Gallery Link, [email protected]