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by Shea Kister As an undergraduate at the University of South Dakota, I was exposed to sepia decals as a way to add my photographs to my ceramics. They didn’t do it for me. I wasn’t really jamming with the brown shades. When I came to graduate school at Kansas State University, I leaned I could re-fire a pot as many times as I want. It was kind of an “oh duh” moment. I’ve been experimenting with more layers and

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Blackbird platter, Lisa Rogers

Ceramics is full of success, failure and experimentation. After retiring from teaching ceramics in Colorado for 25 years I became a maker instead of a teacher. I began reviewing what processes I wanted to explore in more depth. I have always been interested in image transfer, using a variety of processes. I began using the CerPrint Black printer and abandoned silk-screening images for the surface of my work. Buying decals can be expensive. That’s why CerPrint is a welcome and

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KSA Social Justice Ceramic Expressions

For the social justice assignment, some students cut out patterns or text from the fluxed CerPrint paper resulting in a really subtle message. Others cut out photos of comics, scanned them and used the flux paper halo as an expressive element instead of hiding it. It was innovative and exciting.

As a lapsed potter from way back in the 70s, I have always had an abiding love for the ceramic arts. I realized that if I had had the capability of using ceramic decals, my creativity would’ve taken a giant leap because, well, I was no artist. I wanted to enhance my pots with something more than glaze and texture. Through a friend, I heard about the need for a true black ceramic decal printer that was reliable and affordable.

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I am pleased to tell you that we have had a number of artists join our family of CerPrint 3500 users. I’ve helped them get the printer set up properly, which we’re going to discuss here. I’ve also advised about application tips for successful decal printing and firing.  I am also learning from them. Just to backtrack a bit, the CerPrint 3500 was engineered specifically to produce a true black fired decal image. We have a number of accessories that

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