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Using ceramic decals-Ultra Mug with CerPrint True Black decals created by Liz Colyar.

Liz Colyar’s Ultra Cups

Using ceramic decals from her CerPrint printer, Liz Colyar mugged us with one of her Ultra Cups. The CIA’s mind control LSD experiments run in the 1950s and early ‘60s inspired this cup series. Liz creates her mugs using InDesign and computer clipart she prints using CerPrint Black.

“I’ve even used ceramic decals making my own Satanic Coexist mugs for fun. There’s a big punk scene here in Philly that loves them,” said the Philadelphia University of the Arts graduate.

Using CerPrint ceramic decals

When Liz used outside decal sources, she wasn’t happy with the lag time and says they were expensive. “I researched ceramic decal printers on Google. CerPrint’s crisp, flat black was really important to me. The printer was in a good price range and the quality was there. I love it!”

In addition to her ceramic studio, Liz works for a high-end lighting company fabricating hand-built ceramic lighting for restaurants, businesses, showrooms and custom orders.

“With my CerPrint decal printer, the turnaround time is quicker. That allowed me to produce and sell more of my personal work. This year I was able go part-time at the lighting company.”

See more: lizcolyar.com, Instagram @LizColyar

Mugshot Mondays

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