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by Shea Kister As an undergraduate at the University of South Dakota, I was exposed to sepia decals as a way to add my photographs to my ceramics. They didn’t do it for me. I wasn’t really jamming with the brown shades. When I came to graduate school at Kansas State University, I leaned I could re-fire a pot as many times as I want. It was kind of an “oh duh” moment. I’ve been experimenting with more layers and

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Blackbird platter, Lisa Rogers

Ceramics is full of success, failure and experimentation. After retiring from teaching ceramics in Colorado for 25 years I became a maker instead of a teacher. I began reviewing what processes I wanted to explore in more depth. I have always been interested in image transfer, using a variety of processes. I began using the CerPrint Black printer and abandoned silk-screening images for the surface of my work. Buying decals can be expensive. That’s why CerPrint is a welcome and

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