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Hi there! We’ve been getting a lot of email and social media messages on three topics. Under glaze or over glaze? Best firing temperatures? And would we sell ceramic decals? Under glaze or over glaze?Artists who use iron oxide decals are accustomed to adding them either over or under glaze. CerPrint decals are typically used over a fired glaze surface, but we have had some users who have used them under glaze with success. We have not tested CerPrint decals

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Recently, while testing CerPrint Blue and CerPrint Black toners, I wanted to see how high I could fire before the temperature affected the two pigments. Using our High Fire Lamination paper, I printed and laminated one black and one blue decal sheet and applied the decals to regular 4×4 porcelain tiles. I fired to 1825 degrees Fahrenheit–or around Cone 06–using the normal firing schedule. The black toner performed as I expected, resulting in a grayed out image. However, the blue

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Cat Mugshot

Our friend Mariko Paterson posted this fun mugshot by Jack Watteau and we had to share. We’d love for you to share your most creative mugshots made with your CerPrint ceramic decal printer. We’ve made it easy to upload photos of your work using our online form at the bottom of the home page. We may share your photos in our blog, on a social media channel and post them to our gallery. We always credit the artist and will

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