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Justin Rothshank Blue and Black Mugs

During this Zoom video recorded during the CerPrint NCECA Artist Showcase, Justin Rothshank shows us his Indiana studio and gives us an extremely informative CerPrint layering tutorial. (1 hr.)

Justin is a studio potter working in Goshen, Indiana He is in demand as a presenter, panelist, visiting artist, and artist-in-residence at throughout the United States and abroad. Justin’s functional and decorative ceramic ware is available for purchase in more than three dozen galleries and gift shops around the United States. His ceramic work has been exhibited and published internationally in Ceramics Monthly, American Craft, Studio Potter and The Log Book.

Justin’s work is in numerous public and private collections around the United States. Museum collections include: High Museum (Atlanta, GA), Frick Museum (Pittsburgh, PA), Museum of Fine Arts (Springfield, MA), San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts (San Angelo, TX).

If you’re interested in learning more after watching the video, check out his book and video “Low Fire Soda,” published by Ceramic Arts Network and his instructional DVD titled Ceramic Decals: New Ideas and Techniques, published by Ceramic Arts Daily.

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